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Magnetic Units Converter

Convert from gauss to tesla and vice versa using the easy conversion tool below.


1 Gauss = .0001 Tesla, or 1 Tesla = 10,000 Gauss

It can get confusing with the addition of scientific prefixes such as nano, micro, milli, etc., so we created this conversion tool to do the work for you.

As heard on the radio feature 'It's a Matter of Your Health':   

MT-263 Gaussmeter

MT-263: Wide Bandwidth Meter

Accurate lab-quality low cost AC gaussmeter:

  • Three Axis True-RMS Detection
  • High Resolution (0.01 mG)
  • Fast Update Rate (2.5 times per sec)
  • Wide Bandwidth: 15 to 5500 Hertz
  • Max Hold & Bargraph Display
  • Variable Brightness Backlight
USB-RAD121: Lowcost Geiger Counter
  • BETA and GAMMA radiation detector
  • Simple USB connection to PC
  • LED & Beep for each count registered
  • Make sure your home/office is SAFE from radiation
  • Graph and measure for free with RadGraph
  • C++ code examples - write your own software!

USB-RAD121 Geiger Counter