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Geiger Counter Giveaway

Magnii Technologies will be giving away free geiger counters for ten weeks!  With the growing concern of radiation fallout from nuclear facilities in Japan, a geiger counter allows you to measure radiation levels in your area. 

One winner will be drawn every week for ten weeks, starting June 13th.  Every winner will receive a free USB-RAD121 Geiger Counter, which measures Beta and Gamma radiation levels.  We'll even ship it for free, anywhere in the world!

The USB-RAD121 is a new product from Magnii Tech that runs completely off the USB port.  The device features a classic geiger counter click and light pulse for every count registered, while radiation levels are displayed on the computer.  The simple software interface displays and graphs readings over time, and even allows the readings to be streamed to a personal webpage.

The geiger counter can also be purchased directly from Magnii Technologies.

All sales profits on the USB-RAD121 will be donated to the American Red Cross for Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief efforts during the giveaway period.

June 13th Winner: Anatoli B. - Tallinn, Estonia
June 20th Winner: Martin A. - Svendborg, Denmark
June 27th Winner: Israel C. - Givatayim, Israel
July 4th Winner: Monique K. - Rotterdam, Netherlands
July 11th Winner: Aaron K. - Elkridge, Maryland
July 18th Winner: Alexandre R. - Cambridge, New Zealand
July 25th Winner: Michal K. - Kosice, Slovakia
August 2nd Winner: Jason S. - United Kingdom
August 8th Winner: Lukas M. - Austria
August 15th Winner: Miroslav C. - Czech Republic
9/15/2011 Update: Congratulations to our 10 winners!  Thanks to all to participated in this giveaway.

Geiger Counter

DSP-523 Gaussmeter

DSP-523: Analyze Powerlines

Digital filtering for powerlines analysis:

  • Three Axis True-RMS Detection
  • High Resolution (0.01 mG)
  • Analyze Powerline Frequencies & Harmonics
  • Ignore/Bandpass fields from 50/60Hz
  • Max Hold & Bargraph Display
  • Variable Brightness Backlight

MT-263 Gaussmeter

MT-263: Wide Bandwidth Meter

Accurate lab-quality low cost AC gaussmeter:

  • Three Axis True-RMS Detection
  • High Resolution (0.01 mG)
  • Fast Update Rate (2.5 times per sec)
  • Wide Bandwidth: 15 to 5500 Hertz
  • Max Hold & Bargraph Display
  • Variable Brightness Backlight