All our meters are designed and assembled in the U.S.A
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Custom Engineering & Design

  We specialize in the design and manufacturing of precision magnetic detection equipment, both static/DC (standard magnets) and AC (due to alternating current/powerlines).  Whether a custom probe is needed, or advanced filtering is required, we're up for the challenge.  Contact us with your requirements for more information.


"A little over a year ago I purchased the MT-263 meter from Magnii Technologies and was immediately impressed with the quality of the product. While it met my needs I wanted to market an instrument that was both accurate and easy to use. After hundreds of emails we now have a new specialized instrument and a test signal generator that is unrivaled in our industry. Thank you."

- Richard McKinley
Managing Director
Hearing Loop Products
By Contacta, Inc
Holland, MI
Contacta Inc

“We urgently needed a replacement for the Multidetektor, and the DSP-521N looked like it could do the job, but the sensitivity wasn’t high enough, and the numeric display was difficult for novices to read for an oscillating field.  Magnii Technologies was up for the challenge and changed the display to a graphical one, and increased the sensitivity to our requested specification within a couple of days and shipped out immediately.  The unit proved to be better than expected and perfect for the task. “

- Lawrie Siteman
CEO of Green Shield
London, England